Safe Spaying Services for Dogs and Cats

Benefits of Spaying for Your Pet

Be a responsible pet owner

Spaying your cat or dog is the responsible thing to do as a pet owner. Not only does it keep your animal healthy, it prevents unwanted pregnancies.

Uterine health

Your dog or cat can avoid harmful uterine complications like cancer, pyometra, and infections when you spay them. Mammary issues can also be deviated.

Mood changes

As your pet enters estrus, mood changes can occur as well as cramping. Spaying eliminates these problems as well as any problematic bleeding.


When your cat or dog goes into "heat,” the urge to roam or leave the backyard becomes strong. Spaying decreases these urges by a long shot. Keep your pet safe and spay.


Did you know that spaying your pet decreases aggressive behaviors? Your spayed pet will be spared many of the ailments that intact animals face and deal with.


You'll find that your cat or dog will be a much better companion when she is spayed. She will be more focused on you and less worried about finding a mate.

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